Sunday, April 22, 2007

A visit with the Big Island Woodturners - Part II

Saturday, April 7, I did an all-day demo for the Big Island Woodturners. I'd heard such good stories about what a fun group of turners are in this club, and I can vouch for that statement after having spent some time with them. Everyone steps in to help and I've never seen such an active group of friends who come together to play with wood.

Jack Straka introduced my demo by informing the group that what I was going to show them would help them to cover up all their woodturning mistakes. Jack also provided a container of water disguised as a huge jug of vodka. Where did all that vodka go, Jack?

I had another fun garden party kind of demo. There's something charming about demonstrating where the breeze is gentle and you can see the plants and birds.

Aloha! Elmer Adams provided a beautiful flower for my hair and the oneway lathe also had its decorations.

I had a big first during my demo for the Big Island Woodturners. My first bowl blow-up - literally, the first one. I've gone through the bottom of one platter, but had never gone through the side of a bowl before. So, naturally, I had to do it for a bunch of wise-crackers. We had a good time with it, to be sure.

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