Monday, April 09, 2007

Turnfest 2007 Day 1, part 2

I was pretty busy during the day with doing my demonstrations or prepping for the same. I did have a few minutes to walk around and snap some photos of the other demonstrators in action.

Here's Liz Scobie talking about free form stitching.

Liz also did workshops on coloring. I didn't get a chance to watch hers and she couldn't get into mine, so we were thinking we should have a private session sometime and exchange technique ideas. This is a trio of collaborative pieces between Neil and Liz Scobie.

Here are some more examples of their collaborative work. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Tony Hansen demonstrating out on the veranda. He had a bit more sun to cope with than did I in my sweet garden tent.

Terry Scott in one of the inside venues.

Ditto for Christian Delhon and . . .

Guilio Marcolongo.

The trade show, including David's Queensland Woodworkers Supply and a couple of other vendors. I bought a supply of vermec cutters to bring home with me. Those were pretty much my only souvenirs from Australia besides a great field guide for birds and lots of photos and memories.

Lindsay Dunn in the other tent across the way. He shared space with Stephen Hughes.

Mike Mahoney also had an inside demonstration room. Who need a/c when you have a nice tropical breeze wafting through a tent?

Terry Martin hard at work. He and Satoshi did an evening demo called east meets west. They made the same three-legged bowl, but using different techniques.

Here's Satoshi at work during the demo.

It was a popular spot to be that evening.

Partly because of the subject, but largely because of the running commentary that Terry Martin did throughout the demonstration.

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