Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Turnfest 2007 Day 3

I didn't have much time for photos on Sunday, the final day of Turnfest 2007. We had only a half-day and I had two rotations to do, so it was pretty busy for me. On my off-time I finally found the room where Don Parnell was doing his hands-on carving classes.

Everyone looked as if they were having a wonderful time and learning a lot. I wish I had had some time to do this, too.

Don's showing a few cuts to bring in the nose on this face study.

Turnfest 2007 wrapped up at lunchtime with a raffle drawing for all of the donated items. All of the demonstrators put things into the raffle and there were some lovely and some interesting pieces there.

I was very impressed with how well organized this symposium was. The committee worked very hard to make sure everything was in place for each of the demonstration venues. Bill and David have done a great job of making this a premier symposium for Australia.

I went back to Brisbane with Theo and Stella to spend one final night with their famly before heading down to Sydney to start the scientific leg of this journey. Theo drove me over to a shopping center that hosts several trees that are the roosting sites of hundreds of rainbow lorikeets. Wow! What a cacaphony of sound!

Lulu greeted us with her new haircut and ribbons. What a cute foo-foo dog!

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