Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Turnfest 2007 Day 1, part 3

While the preparations were being made for the opening ceremonies, I took the opportunity to take some photos of the instant gallery space. There weren't a lot of turnings on display, and the instant gallery was enriched by the addition of non-turned items, but there were some fun things to see here.

This corner was mostly Terry Scott's work. He likes to experiment with a lot of different techniques.

Ken Wraight does the spindle work for the insect forms. He also had a beautiful lattice box turned in the style of Hans Weissflog.

Lindsay Dunn does the router spirals. He told me he's been doing work in this style for the past 20 years or so.

Intricate stars within balls by Christian Delhon.

You can see some of the non-turned work here as well. Mike Mahoney's work is in the back righthand corner of this table.

Some of the local turners' work, including Vic Wood's square boxes.

Same thing here,

and here.

Most of the turnings weren't labeled as to who made them, so I can't give much in the way of information, but at least you can see what was on display.

Some traditional approaches to pyrography there in the back.

The platter with the trees pyrographed on was kind of a take-off on Neil Scobie's work.

Carvings and bandsaw boxes - not what you'd see at one of our American woodturning symposia, but nice to look at here.

I don't know who did the flower arrangement, but the box on the right is a Stephen Hughes design.

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