Friday, April 20, 2007

Back to the grindstone

. . . and I wish I could say it was the grindstone for sharpening my turning tools. I've been totally swamped since returning home. So much so that I've not been able to catch up on the posts from my trip. I still have a few more posts from the trip, so please be patient.

In the meantime: I've been working very hard on reading grant proposals and writing reviews. I'm heading to Washington, DC next week for a grant panel. I have a visiting scientist in the lab this week. Aisling starts recording in the studio tomorrow so I've been busy trying to prepare for our first recording session. We played at a bookstore last night. My Swarovski binocular has been sent in for repair - one of the rings just inside the objective lens came loose and it twists into the field of view at very inconvenient times. I bought my spare one (Stokes - not as good as the Swarovski, but pretty good). Meghan had an audition on Tuesday and is practicing hard for another one in a couple of weeks as well as her next recital. Taxes were due. The weather is changing for the better and I've been riding my bike to work. The birds are starting to nest and we've seen a few really cool ones in the past week. Emma gained two pounds while I was gone and she got into Richard's Easter candy and suffered chocolate poisoning. She's ok now, but I'm having to find the extra time to put her through botany boot camp to get the excess weight off. Miniature dachshunds should not look like miniature bratwursts! Practice, practice, practice for Aisling and the upcoming chamber music program. . . Life is busy, can you tell from this stream of consciousness babble?

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