Friday, April 06, 2007

Turnfest 2007 Day 1, part 1

Turnfest 2007 started on Friday, March, 30th. I awoke at my usual early hour and got out on the grounds just after sunrise to look for birds before breakfast.

The golf course ponds are full of duckweed and lots of aquatic fowl who like to eat it. Here's an Eurasian coot and Dusky Moorhen swimming through the duckweed.

An Australian Grebe catching a few early rays of sunshine. These birds are very cute. I really like watching them dive.

Oooooh! A Laughing Kookabura swooped down right in front of me to snag some breakfast from the pond. It took my breath away it was so incredible to see this sight.

I think this is the same one who came by and visited during my demos. It would sit on a signpost just beyond my demonstration tent. They are so ugly that they're cute. I love the song they do - think Tarzan movie bird noise and you'll have the laughing kookabura song (wrong continent, but it sounds like a jungle song, eh?).

Another new one - an Intermediate Egret. The field marks are subtle, but definite, to distinguish this from the Great Egret.

Another good look at a Willie Wagtail,

and a Welcome Swallow. These are very similar to barn swallows except for the color of the undersides of the wings (dark in this one, white in the barn swallow).

Cool! Another lifer - a blue-faced honey eater.

This is a juvenile of the same species.

The last new lifer of the morning - a pied currawong. They have a beautiful song, and I enjoyed listening to them throughout the day from my demonstration area.

Here's the AHV of this one. At least it turned to look at me so I could see it's bright yellow eye.

I came back to the hotel for breakfast and came upon Terry Martin holding court. Tony Hanson is looking on as are Satoshi and his wife (can't remember her name).

My first rotation was a turning demo, using a brand new lathe. Unfortunately, that meant that the tool rest had never been prepped. I didn't have a file and neither did anyone else. So, Stephen Hughes and Neil Scobie came to the rescue with their power sanders.

"I'll do it." "No, let me do it!"

The event began with a gathering of the demonstrators under the gazebo for the opening ceremonies.

What a distinguished looking bunch of blokes (and Liz Scobie, who isn't a bloke at all).

Ok, I'm not a bloke either. How do you like our snazzy turning smocks? The colors match the motif for the Oregon Ducks (University of Oregon), from my home town in Eugene, Oregon. Quack!

Front row L to R: Christian Delhon, Lindsay Dunn, yours truly. Back row L to R: Terry Martin, Mike Mahoney, Don Parnell (master carver), and Tony Hansen.

The other half.

Back row L to R: Terry Scott, Guilio Marcolongo, Vic Wood, Ken Wraight. Front row L to R: Liz Scobie, Neil Scobie, Stephen Hughes.

The paparazzi start to gather. It must be the bright yellow and green smocks that attract them. . .

Yes, I'm having fun with my camera.

Terry Martin and Mike Mahoney.

More paparazzi. . .

Stephen Hughes contemplating the mass of photographers out front.

Ringside view . . . Terry Scott, Guilio Marcolongo, Vic Wood, Ken Wraight.

Theo Haralampou joins the paparazzi down front and center. I hope some of those pics turned out ok. I don't think any of us were looking at the cameras or putting on our demonstrator smiles.

David Drescher entering to open the symposium.

David's aunt, Joy, the mayor of the local area - getting a turning lesson from Neil Scobie. Unusual technique for the skew, I think . . .

Here's my garden party tent out on the lawn. It was actually a choice spot - perfect for taking in the cool breezes and wonderful bird song throughout the weekend.

The pre-session crowd building. I had a good time all weekend with the people who came to my rotations.

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