Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Turnfest 2007 Day 2, More fun

Ken Wraight having a go in my garden party tent. He promised to fine-tune the alignment of the lathe headstock and tailstock. I was the first one to use this brand new lathe and the alignment was out-of-whack. I adjusted it to make it work for the bowl I was turning, but Ken was turning small diameter spindles and needed it to be spot on.

Stephen Hughes in the other tent.

Guilio, Jen and Christian visiting in the breezeway.

Mike Mahoney at work.

Terry Martin demonstrating the use of the hollowing tool that Glenn Roberts designed and engineered (Glenn's in the green shirt there).

The grandfather of Australian Woodturning, Vic Wood.

Neil Scobie doing a furniture demo.

Actually, he was showing how to make the frame for a mirror.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there was a pig turning on a spit over a fire for the evening banquet.

I did a turning demo after lunch. I didn't have anything else scheduled after that for the rest of the day so I decided to spend my time playing with wood. I didn't have any hollowing tools with my gear and needed to do some hollowing on this form so Terry Martin gave me some help. This image shows the set-up for Glenn Robert's hollowing tool.

Terry switched over to the Stewart system because it was easier to use for this small of hollow form.

I appreciated the help. It took a bit of weight off the blank so that I wouldn't have as much overage on the way home. Can you believe that I had to pay $200 each way for overweight bags on Air Pacific? Add that to the entrapment at Nadi airport in Fiji, and it's enough to make me not want to fly that route to Australia again.

I also made a small pollen grain vessel to donate to the raffle. You can see my "microtorch" here - a mapp gas cylinder. Wow, was that ever fun to use for scorching wood! A bit overkill, but certainly fast. . .

Terry Scott and I also worked on a collaboration for the raffle. He's branding part of the vessel and I started some carving on the bowl form.

It was fun to just play with wood during the afternoon. We ended up gathering a crowd to watch us play, so it was kind of a freebie demo for the symposium.

Before the banquet on Saturday, David asked the entire group to assemble for a photo. Moooo!

Do you think Terry Martin was happy about being rounded up for the photo?

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