Thursday, April 26, 2007

Last bit of birding in Hawaii for 2007

Here are my last birding pics from my Hawaii, Australia, Hawaii saga. These are the other new ones that I added to my life list while on the Big Island. All-in-all, I added 78 new species to my life list from this three week trip. Jack Straka took me around on Monday morning to look for more birds on the way to the airport. We saw several new ones that morning. Thanks, Jack!

The Hawaiian Black Noddy. There was a small colony nesting on the ocean cliff and caves across from Elmer Adam's house. I spotted them in the early evening on Saturday, Apr 7th, but didn't have enough light to take a photo. I got up early on the morning of the 8th to take advantage of the low angle of the sun to take this photo of one perching below me on the cliff.

They were flying in and out of a cave beneath my feet and it was really neat to see them from this vantage.

This area had a lava flow most recently about 350 years ago. There's an area only 20 miles from this spot that had a lava flow in the last decade or so, though. Ok, so tsunami and lava flows are hazards, but, hey, look at this view!

The water is crystal clear here,

except where wave meets rock, which is all along the coastline of Hawaii.

Look! a Nene! I really, REALLY wanted to see one while I was in Hawaii.

They hang out just down the road from where Elmer and Judy live.

This isn't a native to Hawaii, but the Muscovy ducks are feral here.

Another non-native is the Yellow-billed cardinal.

Ruddy turnstones are migrants - not native, but also not introduced.

This, however, is another introduced species - a Rice bird.

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