Thursday, February 05, 2015

Shades of gray (256, not 50)...

Last week we had a bit of snow, and I wanted to take advantage of the sunny day with all the light reflections on the buildings around campus. I took a half hour walk to my favorite places, saw how the light was filtering through the trees onto the side of the building and sidewalk along University Hall, and just waited for a student to walk into my frame. This was during the time between classes when the campus is really hopping with activities as students are rushing to get to their next class.

This photo is a film shot - using my Yashica Mat 124-G twin lens relfex camera with Ilford HP5 film (ASA 400). The bright light situation meant that my aperture was probably f/16 to f/32 - somewhere in that range. I like the wonderful depth of field and range of tones in this image. I was really concentrating on getting the subject into the golden ratio spiral position, and patience was to my advantage here. I really love it when everything works as I have envisioned it. There's no instant feedback for film, so I was doubly delighted when the negative revealed the shot I had in mind as I clicked the shutter.
After the snow - Photo by Andi Wolfe ©2015 - all rights reserved.
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