Sunday, April 30, 2006

Busy, busy, weekend - and all the hatchlings have arrived

Meghan had a double bass recital yesterday afternoon. She played a pretty difficult menuet that had been transcribed from a violin I part of a quartet. She's made so much progress this year it's amazing. Steve posted the picture I took of her on his blog (just to move the slug picture down from the top of the page.

This morning we went for our second walk of the weekend at the Park of Roses. We happened to meet Stuart, our fiddler from Aisling, and we went on our walk together. We saw a lot of cool sights - lots and lots of shelf fungi on rotting trees, a couple of pairs of wood ducks, baby Canada Goose goslings in formation between their moms and dads, and another section of the park we hadn't yet explored.

I've also been working on my oak leaf carving and should finish off leaf surface number 4 this evening. I didn't make as much progress on it as I should, but we did quite a bit of gardening today. I pruned our shrubs out near the front steps and we planted some new perennials in the front and side gardens.

The robins have also been busy. The other two chicks hatched today, so now we have four nestlings to entertain us. Both parents have been busy all day fetching worms and bugs. It's so much fun to watch the hungry mouths on display. Here are the three pics of the day - first, the three hatchlings, then the whole set, and then the hungry mouths popping up in the hopes of being fed. I'm amazed at the size of the meals these chicks swallow. Some of those worms are pretty big!

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