Thursday, April 13, 2006

Daffodils in my garden

My daffodils are in full bloom now. I really like having several different cultivars going at the same time. I think I need to expand the spring garden for next year, though.

I have the name of this somewhere in my records, but it would take me too long to find them. I like the pale yellow and white combination, plus the beautiful ruffle on the corona.

These are my favorites. They're in the Poeticus group with bright white petals and a ruffled corona that has a transition of color from green to yellow to orange.

The petals recurve at maturity. I really like this form a lot. I bought these bulbs at Keukenhof Garden in The Netherlands. I visited there two years ago at about this time of year.

The old standard King Alfred cultivar. I still like this one, but I like the other colors a bit more than the standard bright yellow ones that everyone seems to have in their gardens.


Anonymous said...

yes! there is Spring somewhere.

King Alfred is a definitely a favorite of mine too...never seen Poeticus though.


Andi Wolfe said...

e - I hope the rains let up for you soon.

I hadn't seen the Poeticus type until I visited Keukenhof Gardens in The Netherlands. I'm going to try to divide my clumps this year so I can get some more started around the yard. They're fabulous!