Saturday, April 15, 2006

Scenes from the duck pond at the Park of Roses

The crab apple trees at the duck pond were stunning this morning. The color was so vivid!

Here's a close-up to show the actual flowers.

Emma and Steve waiting for me to catch up. No ducks or geese to bother today. Poor Emma.

Looking back across the pond.

Ahhh, here's where they're hiding today.


Anonymous said...

WOW -- there is Spring... somewhere.

what fantastic color of those Crap Apples.

Alas, the dark clouds rolled back in today and another storm's a brewin'..

i'll be a dreamin' of walking in a park with trees bursting into rainbows!


Andi Wolfe said...

I hope you get some sunshine very soon! We're heading for a week of mostly rain, but the sun does come out between storms. I hope I can ride my bike into work this week - maybe not on the days we're expecting thunderstorms. . .