Saturday, April 29, 2006

Baby birds are here, and other nature pics

Our backdoor robin's nest now has two hatchlings. We didn't know when the nest was built or how long ago the eggs had been laid, so we were thinking we would have to wait about a week to see some babies. Surprise! The first two hatched today. They're fun to watch. Every minute or so they both raise their heads with their mouths wide open. Doesn't matter if Mom's around to feed them or not, they just keep repeating this behavior.

We took Emma to the Whetstone Park of Roses this morning. The rose garden is starting to come to life. The first blooms are in the Heritage garden. This cultivar was introduced in 1899. I can't remember its name.

We've been taking a side loop on our walk where there's this incredible white oak tree. It's starting to leaf out and flower now. It's all twisted an knarled at the base, which gives Emma a chance to climb up a bit of the trunk.

Most of the flowers I photographed a couple of weeks ago are gone now. The trees are coming into bloom, though. Here's the Ohio Buckeye in full bloom.

This dogwood was growing in someone's yard. I couldn't resist a quick photo shoot. I like these pink ones. I wish I had one in my yard, too.

Here's a shelf fungus growing on a rotted log. I found a visitor when I did the close-up, but I posted the picture of that on Steve's blog. He says I'm too serious to post goofy pictures here. You'll have to go see his blog to see the visitor. Hope it doesn't gross you out.

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