Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Daffodil Garden at the Park of Roses

The Daffodil Society has a test garden next to the rose garden. We've been taking Emma to the park for a walk once or twice a week for the past few weeks. Right now most of the cultivars are in bloom. I'm finding myself more and more enamored with daffodils and now I want to find some more interesting cultivars to plant in my garden for next year.

This one is called, "Misty Meadow." I like the pale lemon yellow color with the white corona on this one.

This is called, "Home Fires," which seems aptly named with the warm glow coming off the corona.

I like the peach colored coronas on this one. It's called, "Tangent."

Steve likes the doubles. I'm not crazy about them, but they're ok. This one is called, "Tahiti."

This peach colored one is called, "Chelsea Girl."

I really like the flower on this trumpet form. I couldn't read the tag very well, but I think it's called, "Bravoure."

I also like the ones that have petite flowers with orange coronas. This one is called, "Prairie Fire."

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