Saturday, April 15, 2006

Emma's walk today

Emma loves going to the Park of Roses for her walk. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot she was trying to break through the door to start the fun. We always take the same general route from the east end of the rose garden. We walk down the north side of the garden, then through the main part and down through the daffodil garden. Then it's on to the duck pond, down to the bike path, south to the creek, up the ravine to see if we can find the owl, and then back to the parking lot east of the rose garden. The route is a little over two miles, but Emma walks a lot farther than that, of course.

Here she is with Steve at the duck pond. No ducks to harrass this morning, though. (Come on, Mom, are you coming, or what?)

The grass was very wet today, so all of Emma's underside is soaking wet. She tried to burrow into everything while I was stopped to take pictures. She's wearing a "gentle lead" collar, which saves my hands and shoulders from her pulling so hard while we're walking. She's pretty small, but very, very strong.

Back in the car at last. Poor Steve - his pants got nuked with mud when Emma sat on him. We need to remember to pack a towel for these walks.

Ahhhhhhh, rub my belly some more, please.

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