Friday, August 22, 2008

Far From the Tree Exhibit

July 28, 2008

The Ohio Craft Museum had "Far From the Tree" from July 13 - August 10. What a treat for the eyes.

David Evans and Ashton Waters came over from West Virginia to see the exhibit and to visit my collection and shop for a bit afterwards. David's holding a recent issue of American Woodturner where my "Remembrance" piece is on the back cover.

The exhibit covered a lot of the same territory as a recent one called, "Woodturning in North America since 1930." This is a James Prestini bowl - one of the early makers to establish woodturning as more than "craft" and as part of the modern design aesthetic.

Bob Stocksdale,

Rude Osolnik,

Melvin and Mark Lindquist,

and Ed Moulthrop pieces represented the early ideals of woodturning as art.

Richard Raffan's bowl is a reminder that form is the ultimate expression of lathe art, and this is carried forward by

Bill Luce's exquisite bowl of douglas fir.

David Ellsworth was among the first contemporary woodturners to move the field forward into skillfully done hollowforms. David's work still reflects the purity of wood as part of the artistic expression of the piece.

John Jordan was one of the first makers to use embellishments to enhance the form.

Everything else is this exhibit builds on these foundations.

Giles Gilson

Al Stirt

Ron Fleming

William Hunter

Merryl Saylan

Robyn Horn

Stoney Lamar

Bill Moore

Graeme Priddle

Mark Sfirri

Betty Scarpino

Christian Burchard

Hans Weissflog

Harvey Fein

Michael Brolly

Alain Mailland

Michael Peterson

Gorst DuPlessis

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