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Dublin Irish Festival 2008 - Sunday

3 August, 2008

Alas! All good things must come to an end, and the Dublin Irish Festival is no exception. However, the end is always fun because there is this grand finale on Sunday evening where most of the bands come up on stage and do one last hurrah.

The queue backstage is always fun - everyone standing around wondering what comes next, who's up next . . .where's the beer?

The StepCrew was the last act up on the Dublin Stage before the finale. I took the opportunity to find Dan Stacey at the CD sales table to get a photo taken with him. I had taken the Irish Academy intermediate fiddle class that Dan taught. He's a good teacher for that kind of setting. He was very patient and he taught us several tunes by ear. He also provided a CD with all the tunes so that we could work with them after the class.

More backstage scenes. That's Mary Bertke (Aisling) tuning the banjo. She's talking to Rick Nelson. Rick was one of the original members of Aisling, but he hasn't played with us for several years now.

More backstage scenes

Sue Mogan sang the nation anthems again.

Beth Patterson was this year's finale MC

More former members of Aisling in front (Randy Clepper and Charlene Adzima) with Morton O'Kelly in the background.

Beth Patterson doing what she does best - getting the crowd worked up and having fun.

The first number of the finale was the "traditional" set. We played a set of jigs and then the Richens-Timm dancers came up. That would have been lovely except they started dancing a reel to the jig we were playing. Can you imagine a train wreck that just won't quit? What a disaster!

Singers doing some of the familiar songs that audiences love to sing along to.

The finale audience is always a full house and SRO

Tannahill Weavers and the Tartan Terrors. I think Ged Foley is up there, too.

Brigid's Cross stole the finale, though. They really had the crowd going.

Some of our local bands up there having a good time.

After the finale, the bands and other festival entertainers gather together for the last party of the event. Here's Paul Baker of Brigid's Cross talking to our good friend Bob Kirby.

Steve Wolfe (Aisling) with Paul Baker (Brigid's Cross).

A bunch of folks gathering for munchies and liquid refreshments.

A table of locals. L to R: Marian Funk, Charlene Adzima, Rick Nelson, Randy Clepper.

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