Sunday, August 10, 2008

Arrowmont 2008 - Part III - digital doodling

8 July 2008 - Tuesday morning and afternoon exercise.

As I mentioned in the last post, I had my students spend a good part of the day taking digital photos of anything and everything. The idea was to get some design inspiration - mostly in terms of textural patterns and color combinations. I'll show a few images from the students, and then a bunch of the ones I took during the day. This first one is by Susan Pollard. Susan is an art student who was on scholarship for the week. It was really great to have her in the class. This pattern was from the aquarium - some fish patternl, I think.

Another one from Susan Pollard - the side of a fish.

Tom McQuillan found this screen in the staff house lounge interesting for a textural pattern.

Hal Taylor - scratches on a rock surface.

Mel Glick - egg carton shadow and light patterns

Mel Glick - fish scales

Myra Orton - a detail on one of the fiber art pieces in the faculty gallery exhibit.

Myra Orton - coral

Alan Beck - a stingray at the aquarium. Cool patterns beneath the waves.

Bill Stephenson - similar colors as the previous photo, but these are lichen growths on stone.

Bill Stephenson - ammonite fossil in the aquarium gift store

Hal Taylor - a screen shot of the PC in the staff house.

Hal Taylor - detail of one of the pieces on display in the gallery

The rest of the images in this posting are ones I took with my camera.

Lichen on bark

A grill pattern from one of the cars in the parking lot.

Woven seat from a rocking chair on the staff house porch.

Detail of a painting.

Detail of a woven piece hanging in the staff house lounge.

Seat of a wooden chair.

Textural details of one of the clay vessels in the staff house lounge.

Stone detail from one of the walls on campus

The porch ceiling

Detail of the fountain at the gallery entrance

From a beautiful piece of wearable art in the gallery exhibit

Collage detail

Fiber art detail - sorry I don't have the names of the artists handy.

This was from a metal piece in the exhibit - looks like it was knitted or crocheted or something.

Detail from a cabinet door in the exhibit

Another detail from one of the exhibit pieces.

Detail from a brick wall in the building

From the sidewalk along a street in Gatlinburg

Carpet inside the aquarium

Fake roots on a fake tree in the aquarium

A little mud skipper in the aquarium

Iguana scales

I'm not sure what this was - maybe a coral pattern

This and the next were from corals

The density of fishes was too high in the main tank, but I enjoyed the flashes of color from the various species of fish.

More fish scales

The play of light off the water above the tube that goes through the aquarium.


Interesting patterns on this huge clam

Lion fish

Lion fish

Stone fish

Stone fish

Jelly fish


Detail of the jelly fish

Sea dragon - one of my favorites

Giant spider crab

Patterns on the river that runs through Gatlinburg

All-in-all, it was a pretty successful exercise. The students told me that they will never run out of design ideas after learning to see the world a bit differently.

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