Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arrowmont 2008 - Part VI

11 July 2008 - Friday

Wow, the week sure went fast. This was the obligate class portrait - pleasant but not reflective of the fun we had all week.

That's better! L to R, front row: Allan Beck, Susan Pollard, Bob Elfant, Hal Taylor, Andi Wolfe. Back Row L to R: Evelyn Lahti, Myra Orton, Tom Quillan, Mel Glick, Bill Stephenson.

Hal Taylor's project in progress.

Susan Pollard's

Myra Orton's

Mel Glick at work

Friday evening was treat with one of the summer concert series scheduled. Jay Clark did the first set.

Adrienne Young and her band were the headliners. It was a fantastic concert!

I stayed on Saturday morning to do a demonstration for the Knoxville club whose members drove over to Arrowmont.

Before that demo I walked around campus to take some more photos. This small cabin is between the wood studio and the staff house.

These totems are from chapters of the American Association of Woodturners. The AAW had its start at Arrowmon.

A detail of some of the collaborations that make up the segments of the totems.

The one with the Cleveland Indians logo must be from the North Coast Woodturners. Maybe I'm guessing wrong, but that would make sense to me.

I really enjoyed the Arrowmont experience. I hope to be back there in two years to do another summer course.

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