Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dublin Irish Festival 2008 - Saturday, Part I

August 2, 2008. I have a lot of pictures from Saturday at the festival, so I'll do this report in several parts.

Aisling was scheduled as the first band on the Shamrock Pub stage for Saturday.

I'll post several pics without comment. My son, Richard, took photos and he mostly focused on me or my end of the stage. Next time I'll coach him on taking more close-up photos of individual band members

Note to self: next year stick with black, and don't wear a loose and floppy shirt that makes you look fat. It was pretty comfy, though.

Our stage times were fun, and we didn't get rained out this year. Yay!

Dropped by the canine program. The festival only allows dogs that are part of the Irish heritage program to showcase Irish domesticated breeds.

I didn't catch what the breed was on this one.

Hmmmmm - no comment.

The Ceili stage features a lot of hands-on workshops on Irish country dances. Here's Jim Keenan at work to teach a dance.

This is a fun tent to visit during the festival.

John Whelan and the drummer in the Cape May Ceili band.

My annual pose with John. I love his T-shirt logo. John does a lot of carpentry, and just started woodturning this past year. We always chat about my woodturning adventures when we catch up at the festival.

I love hearing John play. The joy in the music is always expressed so well.

I caught a bit of the Kells set on the Shamrock Pub stage. Pat Foley on bodhran and I can't remember the bass player's name.

Brian McCoy

Kim Rutan

They had a good set going.

Brian McCoy on Uillean pipes

Here's the place to buy stuff!

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