Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday - 23 June 2011 AAW: Conversations with Wood: Selections from the Waterbury Exhibit

After the demonstrators' dinner, the Collectors of Wood Art organized for a charter bus to take us over to the Minneapolis Institute of Art to see Conversations with Wood: Selections from the Waterbury Collection.  The CWA had dinner over at the museum while the demonstrators were dining together.  While we were waiting for the bus, I did a bit of informal portrait photography.

Michael Hosaluk

Eli Avisera

John Jordan

Kevin Wallace thought the big yellow school bus was our charter to the museum.  I'm happy to report that he was incorrect.

Yes, this was much, much better than a school bus.

The Minneapolis Institute of Art is an excellent art museum.  I wish I had had a chance to visit the museum while I was in the area.  I think I'll have to come back some time.

The exhibit is beautifully set, deep in the museum.  The first case you come to is of Michael Hosaluk's work.

Here are the Waterburys next to the case with Michael Hosaluk's work.  L to R: Marcus, David and Ruth.  David and Ruth received the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Collectors of Wood Art.

The first room of the exhibit has a case that includes my small piece, Imagine the Hidden World.  It's placed right next to a work by Michelle Holzapfel - I'm very honored to be in the same case with this work.

Imagine the Hidden World. Andi Wolfe, 2006

Ron Kent told me that this little bowl speaks to him, which was very nice of him to tell me.

Admirers of the collection:  Pat Kane (Yale University) on the left.

The excursion was a good opportunity for friends to visit.  L to R: John Hill, Harvey and Fiona Fein.

Albert and Tina LeCoff with work by Arthur Jones.

David Waterbury and Michael Mode. That's Michael's work in the case.

Another informal portrait:  Ray Leier; outside the museum.

Back on the bus - next stop: Crowne Plaza Hotel.

It was a grand evening and a nice way to kick off the AAW symposium.  Thanks, CWA, for such a lovely evening.  Thanks, also, to David and Ruth Waterbury for producing their book and lending the pieces on exhibit.  It was a lovely time.

For more pictures from Thursday, check by woodturning Facebook page.

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