Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 AAW Symposium - prelude

The Collectors of Wood Art (CWA) coordinated their annual meeting to coincide with the 25th Anniversary of the AAW symposium.  The first event was a reception at the home of Ruth and David Waterbury, which gave everyone a chance to see the Waterbury collection in its home setting.  The Waterburys have a lovely home that is absolutely the perfect setting for their collection of wood art - mostly turnings, but also featuring some beautiful sculptures.

I had scheduled a flight on Wednesday morning that should have put me in Minneapolis before noon, but, alas! the fates were not kind and my flight was canceled.  I was rerouted to Minneapolis via Atlanta (from Columbus, Ohio!).  Thus, I arrived in Minneapolis at about the time that the members of CWA were gathering for their reception.  By the time I had picked up my luggage, hailed a cab and rode over to the Waterburys, the party was already over with just a few stragglers still at the house.

That was rather disappointing, but I knew that would be the case.  However, I had previously been invited to have dinner with Dave and Ruth and their guests, Ron and Myra Kent, Michael Mode, Pat Kane, and Scott Braznell.  So, I arrived in plenty of time for dinner and Dave's wonderful margaritas.

L to R: Scott Braznell, Pat Kane, Myra and Ron Kent

The Waterburys just published a book about their collection (Conversations with Wood), and there is currently an exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art that features about 80 pieces from the collection. These two events served as one of the focal points for the CWA meeting. All the artists that attended the CWA forum and AAW symposium who are in the collection signed the Waterburys' copy of the book. Michael Mode was signing his page in this image.

The Waterburys have three of my sculptural turnings in their collection.  One of them is currently on display in the museum exhibit.  The other two are displayed in one of their front rooms of the house.  Both are aging well, gaining lovely patinas that enhance the carved leaves.

Here is "Dylan's Song," which was acquired from the "Return to the land of Oz" exhibit in 2005

Here is how "Dylan's Song" is displayed.  Other artists featured in this case include Gianfranco Angelino, Christian Burchard, David Ellsworth, Virginia Dotson, Hans Weissflog, Ray Allen, Vaughn Richmond, Ron Kent, Ron Layport, and Michael Mode.  There are several other notables, too, but it's late at night as I'm posting and my memory is playing tricks on me.

This is "Quercus rubra," which was acquired in 2006.  It's made from African sumac, and it has gained a lovely reddish brown patina - exactly as I had envisioned.  It was so great to see it in such beautiful coloring.

Here is how "Quercus rubra" is displayed.  Other artists featured in this case include Alan Stirt, Matthew Hill, Sharon Doughtie, Jack Straka, William Moore, David Ellsworth, Gael Montgomerie, Roger Bennett, and Ron Kent.  I probably missed someone (see above lame excuse).

Ruth explained to the other collectors some of the details of how they designed and installed their display cases. 

Here are a couple of views of the collection from different spots on the main floor of the house.

The setting for the collection is truly beautiful and it's obvious that Ruth and Dave enjoy living with their art.  They collect not only these beautiful objects, but the stories that go with them and the connections to artists who become life-long friends.  I had not yet had the opportunity to meet Ron Kent and Michael Mode and so this was truly a lovely evening, and a wonderful way to cap off a challenging travel day, not to mention a very nice start to the symposium weekend for me.  Thanks, Ruth and Dave!

Additional photos from this evening are posted on my Wood Turning Facebook Page.

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