Thursday, July 01, 2010

Andi Wolfe - visiting artist at Studios on High

My exhibit opens today and runs through August 30, 2010. Studios on High is a co-op gallery in the Short North arts district of Columbus, Ohio. The address of the gallery is 686 N. High Street, Columbus, OH. Hours are noon to 6 pm, daily. Ph. 614-461.6487.

Several months ago I was contacted, independently, by three of the artists in the gallery about whether I would be interested in joining them as a wood artist. I explained that I couldn't do this art gig full time because of my career as a scientist, but that I would be interested in trying out a visiting artist slot this summer. Well, the time is here and I set up my space yesterday afternoon. It's a very nice gallery with work from very talented artists. Clay, fiber, wearable art, paintings, glass, and now, ta-dah - wood!

Here are some of the pieces for sale in the gallery:

Involutus. Red resin tree burl

From here to infinity. Camphor burl

Parturition. Red resin tree burl

Remembrance. Gingko

Right now I have twelve pieces in the gallery, with a couple of more that will be added in July. I'm working on some small lidded boxes/vessels that will end up in the show. If you're in the Columbus area, please stop by the gallery to see the show. I'll be in the gallery July 13, 24, and 31, plus a few dates in August. I'll probably throw a party in the gallery one of the Sunday evenings of the run. Let me know if you'd like to be invited!

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