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2010 AAW Symposium - 6/18/2010 - Friday, part 3

Friday is always an exciting day at the AAW symposium. Primarily that is because it's hard to make up your mind as to what to see and do. Since I was concentrating on taking photos I spent a bit of time all over the symposium.

My first stop after checking the teapot, spoon and Maple Medley exhibits was the youth room. Bonnie Klein was first on the schedule.

It doesn't take long for the kids to really get into turning. The concentration quotient is very high.

Samuel Avelino coaching.

Bonnie Klein, giving some assistance in guiding the gouge.

Dick Sing had one of the first rotations - this one was on basic pen turning.

John Whelan (in orange) soaked it all up. He went to both of Dick's demonstrations Friday morning.

I went to the first PoP rotation. Jacques Vesery, Art Liestman and Tania Radda did a panel discussion on the teapot as a canvas. They showed all the teapots in the exhibit plus a few extra. Then they invited artists participating in the teapot exhbit who were in the audience to comment on the work in the gallery. That was very interesting, particularly because for many of the artists, this was their first excursion into the art of teapots. Some were very intimidated while others went full tilt into something very different from their previous experience. It was neat to hear about some of the inspiration that fed into the designs.

This is Michael Hosaluk's "Self Portrait," which is now in my personal collection.

Joey Richardson demonstrated her coloring and piercing techniques.

It's interesting to me that demonstrations on surface enhancement are always well attended. Given how vocal some of the "purists" are on the AAW forum as well as Woodcentral, one would think there is no interest in moving beyond brown and round. My demos are always well attended and well received, so I sure don't buy this story line. There are a lot of turners who want to explore texture, color, pyrography, piercing, etc.

Mark St. Leger did demos on making some interesting boxes. I'd recommend his demos to anyone who wanted to improve tool usage.

David Marks did demos on his metal patina effects.

After popping in and out of several demos, I went to the instant gallery to check out the amazing diversity of work on display.

Dave Long brought in two turnings from his collection. These are collaborative pieces by Euclid Moore and Marilyn Endress. Euclid does the turning and Marilyn adds the beadwork.

One really needs to take a close look at the beadwork. This is a traditional style of beading endemic to northern Chihuhua, Mexico. The antique glass beads are embedded in a wax matrix.

John H. Williams

John Wessels (South Africa)

Tom Wirsing

Denise DeRose displayed a purse she titled "The Andi," which is an homage to my Leaf Saturation series.

Tiberio Yepes

Satoshi Fujinama

Dewey Garrett

Dick Kelly

Tania Radda

Joyce McCullough

David Datwyler

I didn't catch who did this big glass bowl of turned eggs, but it looked delicious!

Ron Gerton posing with his wonderful sculpture.

Marilyn Campbell

Molly Winton

Mark Nantz (an Excellence Award winner)

Art Liestman

Ron Gerton

This and the next were by Darrell Copeland, I think.

Keith Holt's new work, utilizing his new sphere jig. He's done some very innovative things this year.

Malcolm Zander

Binh Pho

Auction donation by Jerry Bennett

Auction donation by Bill Luce

Auction donation by Christian Burchard

Auction donation by Andi Wolfe

Auction donation by Joyce McCullough

Auction donation by Dewey Garrett

Auction donation by J. Paul Fennell

Auction donation by Pascal Oudet

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