Wednesday, July 07, 2010

2010 AAW Symposium - 6/19/2010 - Saturdy, part 1

Saturday is another full day at the AAW symposium. Demonstrations galore, walkabouts in the instant gallery and tradeshow, plus the evening banquet and auction. In between all those things are the opportunities for visiting with friends and meeting new people. Part 1 of the Saturday postings is focused on images from the instant gallery.

Harvey Fein is constantly developing new ideas. These pieces are the most complicated of his series to date.

Dewey Garrett received an AAW Excellence Award for this lovely box.

Jon Sauer's ornamental turning received an AAW Excellence Award, also.

Keith Holt

J. Paul Fennell

I don't know who made this one.
(Andy Osborne - thanks for the ID, Don)

I don't know the artist of this one, either.

Ron Fleming studio - I'm not sure if this was done entirely by Ron, or if it involved some of his students as well. I didn't photograph the information sheet. The scale is LARGE!

Detail of the Fleming piece

Detail of the Fleming piece

Detail of Darrell Copeland's red wall sculpture. It's a mosaic of individually turned and textured squares.

Darrell Copeland

Ron Gerton detail

David Nittmann

David Nittmann detail

Peter Exton - this received an AAW Purchase Award.

Rick Argus received an AAW Excellence Award for his lovely bowl.

Jim Keller detail

Bob Rollings

Bill Smith

Bill Smith

Ken Deaner

Malcolm Tibbetts

Malcolm Tibbetts

Bob Rollings

Ed Koenig

Sharon Doughtie

Graeme Priddle

Graeme Priddle

Another AAW Excellence Award winner - Stephen Gleasner

Return to the Community - many of the pieces had already been sold by Saturday morning.

I don't know who these ladies are, but they did a great job of selling off all the Return to the Community projects.

Joel Rakower inspects the EOG auction donations.

Auction donation: Binh Pho

Auction donation: Hans Weissflog

Auction donation: Joyce McCullough

What a pleasant surprise to see Bert Parker at the AAW symposium. Bert is one of my woodturning friends from Capetown, South Africa.

Bert Parker - he brought over a teapot for the instant gallery.

Instant gallery action

Instant Gallery action


Anonymous said...

The scorched vessel with copper wire and holes is by Andy Osborne. It was 1 of my favorites.


Andi Wolfe said...

Thanks for the identification!