Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Woodturning weekend - what fun!

Jacques Vesery and J. Paul Fennell came to Columbus this past weekend for the opening of the Ohio Craft Museum exhibit, and a club demo for Jacques. The next several posts are from this past weekend. Wow! What a great weekend!

Walt Betley and Jacques Vesery relaxing in my kitchen. You can see part of my woodturning collection behind Jacques.

I had a small party on Friday night. L to R: Paul Fennell, Steve Wolfe, Walt Betley.

L to R: Barbara Crockett, Ron Damon, Jacques Vesery.

Lee Damon went with Craig Wright for a ride in his new car. They were gone a long time, and Ron kept muttering, "I can't believe my wife went for a ride with Craig Wright. . ."

They had good time, obviously.

After Jacques' demo with the Central Ohio Woodturners on Saturday, Steve and I invited Paul and Jacques to go see Concertante (a chamber group) at the Southern Theatre. Can you believe your eyes? Jacques wearing a tie - a Jerry Garcia one, of course, but, still, a tie!

L to R: J. Paul Fennell, Jacques Vesery, Andi Wolfe, Steve Wolfe


Anonymous said...

HEY!!!!! you weren't suppose to tell anyone I wore tie!

Andi Wolfe said...

Sorry, Jacques . . . . (not really)