Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Our Turn Now" - Ohio Craft Museum: Opening

Our Turn Now: Artists Speak Out in Wood opened at the Ohio Craft Museum on January 22nd. The reception was from 1 - 4 pm. During the first two hours there were demonstrations and hands-on activities downstairs. There was also a lot of viewing activity going on in the exhibit. At 3 pm, J. Paul Fennell, Jacques Vesery, and I gave a "museum talk" about the work in the exhibit.

Here are some pictures of the opening and then from the museum talk. The pictures were taken by Steve Wolfe and Dave Long.

There was a great turnout for the exhibit, and people seemed very interested in the work.

More furious activity. I always like it when someone takes a closer look at my work.

Here are the three of us (Me, Paul Fennell, Jacques Vesery) watching Sharon, the executive director of the Ohio Designer Craftsmen, introducing the exhibit.

We had people stay in place as much as they could while we went around to talk about the work. We broke all the exhibit rules to hold pieces up (very carefully) for viewing when it was easy to do so.

We're watching Norm Sartorius tell us about his "ceremonial" spoons.

Jacques is talking about Mike Lee's family group of vessels.

Jerry Bennett describing his unusual sculpture.

J. Paul Fennell explaining his work.

My turn to talk about the botanical inspirations that are reflected in my work.

Jacques' turn.

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