Sunday, January 15, 2006

Repairing an "oops"

"Our Turn Now: Artists Speak Out in Wood" opens at the Ohio Craft Museum a week from today. I dropped my three pieces off on Friday. When I came in, the installation was progressing very nicely, and I can already see that it's going to be a fantastic show.

There was one small problem, though. One of Alain Mailland's pieces had broken during shipment. Betty Talbot was trying to decide on whether to ship it back, which meant it wouldn't be on exhibit, or to find someone local to repair it. I volunteered my services to help. So, I went over this afternoon to work on the repair.

Here's the break - one of the delicate curves had snapped on the grain line.

I did some dry fits to make sure there were no missing pieces and that I could match the two broken pieces together.

A small dab of CA glue and some patience in holding the work together until it set. I didn't want to use accelerator because that would have only given me one chance to match the grain.

The repair line is hidden on a grain line. Some of the growth rings are darker in color than others, so the glue joint is pretty well disguised.

I'm looking it over from all angles to make sure there aren't any glue extrusions that can break up the flow of the curve.

Back to presentable.

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Anonymous said...

Nice precision repair job!!