Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Our Turn Now" - Ohio Craft Museum: People

Here are a few more pictures of people at the opening of the exhibit.

Judith Nestel was the curator who worked on this show. She's standing next to a William Hunter vessel (made from cocobolo).

Jacques Vesery and Paul Fennell looking over the exhibit before the opening. We needed to think about our approach to the museum talk later in the day. You can see Christian Burchard's work in the foreground. The dynamic duo is studying David Sengel's piece called, "Bush's Big Plate." Next to them is some work by Michael Mode, Todd Hoyer and weird bats by Mark Sfirri. You can also see a collaborative piece by Robyn Horn and Steve Loar and an offcenter bowl by Bruce Mitchell in the center of the room, but in the background of the photo.

Trouble makers three?

Betty Talbot standing with my "Dylan's Song." David Sengel's teapot is in the background.

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