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2009 AAW Symposium, Part V: Sunday, June 28

This is the last post I'll have on the 2009 AAW symposium. At the end of this entry you'll find an index to all the posts I made for this event plus links to my Facebook photo albums.

My last rotation was the first one on Sunday morning. I had another great crowd and lots of great feedback. That made four for four - a nice feeling.

The next rotation scheduled included the instant gallery critique. The panel included Kevin Wallace, Merryll Saylan and Garry Knox Bennett. Jacques Vesery was the PoP committee member organizing the set-up and flow of the discussion. Because my sphere project received an Excellence Award, I was interested to hear what the panel would say about it during the critique. Most of the comments focused on the organic feel of the piece. I'll have to buy the symposium DVD to hear all the details.

Kevin Wallace always has interesting things to say about wood turnings.

L to R: Kevin Wallace, Merryll Saylan, Garry Knox Bennett. They had to turn around to see what was being projected to the audience.

Merryll and Garry gave each other the business throughout the discussion. I enjoyed that.

I had a few minutes to take in the trade show one more time and was delighted to have a chance to visit with Eli Avisera (with Ron Zalk). Both are from Israel.

Eli set up one of his dynamic multi-axis sculptures for me.

These are so cool, and I really love how you can play with them.

Eli is as photogenic as his turnings, don't you agree?

Eli sent this demo piece home with me.

The last rotation I attended was John Wessel's pewter inlay demonstration. It was so great to see him again and to watch him demonstrate. He has fun with the audience.

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