Sunday, February 04, 2007

Finally, some shop time!

I've had a very frustrating week in terms of finding time for things I wanted to do outside of work, family, and music. I finally had some time this weekend to finish a project I started last fall. It's a small piece for del Mano's "Small Treasures" show. I'll try to find time to do a photo shoot this week so you can see the little bowl. Here's a hand-held close up of some of the detail work on the motif. Stay tuned for a pic later in the week.

I sure hope this week won't be as busy as the one just finished. My day job is keeping me out of trouble, that's for sure. I think I had only one night last week that wasn't scheduled (not because of work, but family obligations), and I ended up in the shop to do some carving just to regroup and calm my nerves. I didn't have to do any grading this weekend, so I found a couple of long blocks of time to work at my carving bench without interruptions, which was a luxury. Today was a good one to stay indoors and keep warm, too. The temperature was 2°F with a -14°F windchill this morning. Brrrrrrr!


Anonymous said...

Pretty amazing, the level of detail... I'm starting out with the carving hobby, and wondered if you can share some pictures of your carving setup (bench, lighting, tools, etc... whatever you feel like).


Andi Wolfe said...

Sure thing - I'll try to post something on that today.