Monday, February 05, 2007

The Dryad's Playground

Here's my latest project, which is heading to del Mano for their Small Treasures show next month. It's 3.5 X 3 inches in size and made from cherry.

It's a continuation of my "hidden world" series that is inspired by the beautiful landscapes to be seen in plant anatomy when viewed at high magnification. In this case I've carved a motif that comes from xylem (e.g., wood).

The title is derived from Greek mythology where Dryad's are wood nymphs that live in the heart of a tree.

Here's an image to show the texturing and carving details.


Dennis Laidler said...

Andi I absolutely love it. I need to work on some tiny pieces too. I've spent the day working on a (very spalted)650mm diameter natural edge cork oak bowl - exhausting! Andi, your carving on this piece is wonderful and delightfully transports me back to 1st year Botany practicals. Your inspiration was immediately recognisable and you've interpreted it beautifully.

Andi Wolfe said...

Thanks, Dennis. I have plans for some larger pieces using this theme, but I always enjoy working on the small scale required for the Small Treasures show. I've spent some time today in my shop working on making some canvases - a small bowl for my Leaf Saturation series and a rice bowl I should have finished months ago for an AAW exhibit associated with this year's symposium.