Wednesday, February 14, 2007

OSU Snow Day!

I was in North Carolina for the day yesterday to give a research seminar at North Carolina State University - leaving early in the morning just as the snow was starting. We had snow all day yesterday together with freezing rain, and then more snow last night. I was lucky to make it home last night - the flight I was on was supposed to land around 9 pm. However, instead of landing we went into a holding pattern because the plane that landed before us just about skid off the runway and the airport shut down that runway before we could land. We had to wait while another runway was cleared of snow and tested. We were told we would be heading to Albany, NY if the runway wasn't safe to land on. Fortunately, they sorted it all out and we landed about 4o minutes late. Better than going to NY, that's for sure - especially since they're receiving the brunt of this storm today.

This morning we woke up to the news that the schools were canceled (again - 5th time in a week), and, surprise surprise - OSU was canceled today as well. That meant a snow day for us all - Steve's working from home today so we're all here together.

First things, first, though. The driveway and sidewalks needed to be cleared and Emma wanted to play in the snow. Richard is always happy to oblige by throwing shovelfuls of snow in her direction.

Oh boy! Emma loves snow. You can see more pics of her playing in the snow today on her blog.

The snowblower I bought for Steve last year is finally getting some use this week. It does a pretty good job on the driveway, but it's more challenging when there's a layer of ice on top of the snow. He had kept the driveway pretty clear yesterday, so there wasn't much snow to remove this morning.

The sidewalks were another story. He had to work pretty hard to clear a path there.

The sun was just coming out as we went outside to play/work in the snow.

There's Steve clearing the neighbor's sidewalk.

I'm glad our roof is finished now. Our house always looks cute with snow on the roof.

More snowblowing by Steve.

Richard likes using the shovel, but now he knows how to use the snowblower, too. He cleared our elderly neighbor's driveway this afternoon using the snowblower. That was a big job.

Meanwhile, in the backyard, Meghan was entertaining Emma with a different version of "throw the snow."

Emma loves snow.

Another shovelful, please. Pretty please!

I've enjoyed my snow day. I've spent a few hours in the shop working on this bowl - it's for an AAW exhibit (The rice bowl project). This image shows the layout I'm using on a carving in my "hidden world" series. I made a lot of progress today, and it's looking pretty cool. I'll post a picture of the finished project along with progress pics when I'm done.


Dennis Laidler said...

"Cool" snow and snow pics.
Snow seems to make winter worth while. We just get bloody cold and wet here in Cape Town. I really don't look forward to giving up my motorcycle and fighting with the traffic in the car when winter comes back. You're also lucky to get the unexpected day in the shop.

Andi Wolfe said...

Dennis - snow on the first day is great! The second day it's ok. By the fourth or fifth day one is ready for spring and for the ice to melt off of the sidewalks. Navigating the sidewalks on OSU campus has been a nightmare these past few days.