Saturday, January 27, 2007

Busy week(s) and first snow of season

Geez - two weeks have flown by so quickly and I've not accomplished much in the shop. I'm teaching my biogeography course this winter, and it's keeping me pretty busy. I'm grading the first midterm this weekend instead of playing with wood. Well, I'll find some time to play with wood, but the grading is taking a lot of time.

The other activity sucking away my spare time is music - I'm doing the winter session of the Chamber Music Connection adult program. I'm playing hammer dulcimer in a trio with piano and flute and we're doing a couple of Baroque pieces. Aisling is also keeping me on my music toes as we're gearing up for new sets and planning some studio time for a couple of projects. I'll be meeting with our recording engineer in a week to talk about the projects, and I hope we can start by the end of February.

Adding to this mix of activity is the roofing project on our house and our first snow of the season. Our house took a lot of hail damage in the Oct 4, 2006 hail storm I wrote about before I left for South Africa.

The roofers finished most of the project before the snow fell. We were having warm, sunny days during the start of the project.

They didn't quite finish before it hit, though. Unfortunately, that resulted in their leaving two very large dumpsters parked in our driveway so we couldn't put the cars in the garage.

My new car was left out on the street. I'm grateful for the seat warmers in this cold weather. . .

Emma doesn't mind the snow, though - she absolutely loves chasing after shovel fulls being thrown while clearing paths and the back patio. I've made this picture my desktop image on my laptop. I smile everytime I see it.

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Dennis Laidler said...

Yikes - that very pretty snow wouldn't last 5 seconds on a Cape Town street. We have been having temperatures here of up to 40degC. It's like living in a tumble drier.
However it's real cool riding to work in the morning on the motorcycle in shirt-sleaves and the same returning from gym at 9pm.