Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Horned Grebe at OSU

The weather warmed up into the mid 40's today so I took a noontime walk around campus. I had noticed some interesting ducks while driving over the bridge onto campus this morning and I wanted to check to see what they were.

The most interesting find was this male Horned Grebe. I've only seen these on the west coast before, so it was a treat to see one on the Olentangy near Drake Union.

I think it was the American Coot that I had spotted on my drive in this morning. There was only one on the river when I went there over the noon hour.

The other cutie today was this female bufflehead. She was fun to watch as she was diving for fish. Each time she surfaced the gulls would harrass her and try to steal her food.

This is an American Black Duck --

not to be confused with

A female Mallard.

Here's a pair of mallards.

This must be a mallard hybrid of some sort. I couldn't find anything to match it in Sibley's. The head and bill look like a mallard, but it has a bright white chest and neck, and the wings and back are a beautiful rufous color without mottling.

This is the smallest size variety of Canada Goose. I think it's been moved to its own species, but I'm not sure as to the name. Cackling Goose, perhaps? I'll have to look in my Ohio Bird book.

This is a scene from underneath the King Avenue Bridge.

Canada Goose prints in the snow.

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