Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rice bowl project

Here are a few progress pics on my AAW Rice Bowl Project piece. I've done all of the carving at this point and I'm now working on the texturing. You can see the initial layout on this project by scrolling down to the last picture on my post about the OSU snow day from last week.

I'm using a small diamond burr in my Foredom micromotor tool to do the texturing.

The inside surface of the bowl is also carved and will be completely textured. I've not enjoyed working with this stinky elm, but I do like how the motif worked on the form. I'll use this motif again with a nicer piece of wood in the near future.


Anonymous said...

i must have missed this -- what aaw exhibition?

where's the call-for-entry on this show?


Andi Wolfe said...

e -

You can read about it in the current issue of the American Woodturner. It's a project AAW initiated to benefit the Professional Outreach Program. About 40 studio artists were sent the roughouts of bowls done by Japanese turners. We were charged with finishing the bowls in a style typical of our work. Mine is done in a motif in my "hidden world" series, reflecting anatomical features of plants. This one is kind of a hybrid motif from xylem vessels and pollen grain wall cross sections.

The bowls will be on exhibit at AAW headquarters from April to June and then will be on exhibit at the Portland symposium, where they will go into a silent auction. The funds raised will benefit the POP section of AAW.