Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Heading to Louisville

Tomorrow I'm heading to my second major symposium of the month - the AAW symposium in Louisville, Kentucky. Usually we have about a month in between the Utah Symposium and the AAW one. Having them back-to-back like this is a real pain. What it means is that I didn't have enough time to make an auction piece or to finish my collaboration with Keith Tompkins, which would have gone to auction. Oh well. With 1800 paid registrants as of last week, I don't think they'll be hurting for auction donations, but there won't be any Andi Wolfe pieces in there this year.

This year is the 20th anniversary celebration of the AAW. There will be three woodturning exhibits, the instant gallery, a great line-up of demonstrators, and plenty of things to do. I'm not doing rotations this year, but will be doing some turning tomorrow afternoon in the "learn to turn" session (Central Ohio Woodturners is the sponsoring club), and also for Cutting Edge Technology in the trade show.

My website has a photo gallery from the 2002 AAW Symposium instant gallery in Providence. My first AAW symposium was in 2001 and I've been to every one since then, including as a demonstrator in 2003 and 2005. I really enjoy the symposium, but I wish they'd go back to having it a month after the Provo symposium. It would make it easier on me, that's for sure.

Say hello to me if you see me in Louisville. I'll have "Quercus rubra" and "The Unseen World" with me in the instant gallery, plus one of my carved pieces that was in the "Our Turn Now" exhibit. Steve Loar is bringing me my work back from the second venue at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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