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Thinking of Utah Woodturning Symposium - pics from 2005

I didn't realize what a shutter bug I am at the Utah symposia. I have waaaaayyyyy too many pictures. This probably speaks to the friendships I've developed in woodturning and the unique character of the Utah symposium compared to others that I regularly attend. I think of this one as more of a reunion among friends, but I do tend to sit through more demonstrations here compared to other symposia -- probably because there are so many international turners in one place that don't usually make it to the AAW symposium.

Here are some highlights from the 2005 symposium:

As usual, Craft Supplies had its pre-symposium gala and sale. Here is Dale Nish doing a demo.

J. Paul Fennell taking a break in the shade.

This is a picture Cindy Sing gave me. It shows all the demonstrators for 2005.

Stuart King came over from the UK. He demonstrated his scorched and gilded boxes. His hat had been through the ringer a few times. What a great character he is. . .

Mark Baker is also from the UK. He was the editor of Woodturning Magazine, but now he's working for one of the big tool companies. He's an excellent demonstrator.

Benôit Averly is a young turner from France who made his international woodturning debut at the 2005 Utah symposium. He demonstrated some of his box making techniques.

Ken Sager came over from New Zealand and talked about the woodturning history of that country. Ken pretty much got the ball rolling over there. He's presenting again this year at 90 years young. He had quite a few good stories to tell. L to R: Bonnie Klein, Ken Sager, J. Paul Fennell, Andi Wolfe.

Friends from the World of Woodturners.

Oops - we missed one. Don Derry is down in front.

In between rotations, people gather outside to visit. L to R: Benôit Averly (France), Liam Flynn (Ireland), and Richard Raffan (Australia).

Here I am with Richard Raffan. I told Richard we weren't allowed to park here.

L to R: Neil Cassinger, Malcolm Tibbetts and J. Paul Fennell.

Liam Flynn with Dale Nish.

The instant gallery at the Utah Symposium is always fantastic. Here are my three pieces.

One of Malcolm Tibbetts' sculptures.

A new and interesting design from Curt Theobold.

A collaboration between Neil and Liz Scobie. Neil and Liz demonstrated at the 2005 symposium. Neil will be demonstrating at the 2006 AAW symposium.

Some of Richard Raffan's non-production work. He's been playing with color and textures. I now own the verdigris pot that has the gold rim.

One of Ray Key's pagoda stacking boxes. I watched him mangle one of these in his demo. It's always that last cut that does one in.

Liam Flynn's double rim vessels.

Stephen Hatcher's interesting inlay work.

A couple of dancing forms by Art Liestman.

Ornamental work from Gorst duPleissis.

Pyrography, color and liming by Nick Arnull (UK). Nick will be doing his first US demonstrations at the 2006 Utah symposium.

Don Derry does the most interesting coloring work. His vessels look like glass to me.

I think this one is by Kip Christiansen.

Some wonderful vessels by J. Paul Fennell.

Jim Gott and Joe Herrmann checking out the instant gallery.

J. Paul Fennell and Dick Sing at one of the Sing gatherings.

The Friday night BBQ. This was the first one I actually attended. Took three years to get there. It was a lot of fun.

Phil Brennion gathering his food.

My clubmates from Central Ohio Woodturners.

Central Ohio Woodturners members in attendance at the symposium-

L to R: Chuck Kemp (vice prez), Ed Miller, Andi Wolfe (prez), Walt Betley, a Ruehle relative, and Robert Ruehle.

After the Friday night BBQ is the swap meet in the parking lot. There are a lot of sharks out there looking for the best deals in wood. There's also a lot of visiting that goes on there.

L to R: Walt Betley, Andi Wolfe, Gorst duPleissis. Walt is my neighbor across the street, and he has more than 70 years turning experience. He's the also the one who encouraged me to try woodturning. "I just know you'll be good at it," he said.

Guess he was right. . . .

Caroline Harkness selling her earring ladies.

Dale Larsen trying to sell his salad bowls.

The Friday night program featured Allan Batty vs. Stuart Batty on dueling lathes. The theme was spindle turning. This was very entertaining. The father-son rivalry was very much part of the show. Allan came over to see what Stuart was doing and decided to help him along with a delicate cut by popping his elbow.

Stuart didn't much appreciate the help, though.

That happened more than once. It was a riot!

The Saturday night dessert party was again at the home of Kip Christiansen. Current and past demonstrators come to visit with one another. Kip's wife serves milk and carrot cake. We always have a good time.

L to R: Kip Christiansen, Benôit Averly, Dale Larsen, and Bonnie Klein.

Art Liestman and Malcolm Tibbetts.

Neil and Liz Scobie (from Australia). I spent some time with these two during the collaboration 2005 conference I attended in Australia. See the October and November 2005 archives for more info on that trip.

Don Derry just has a need to be the center of attention . . . Holding him from L to R:

Richard Raffan (Australia), Malcolm Tibbetts and Art Liestman.

Dale Nish is not that big of eater. He's taking a slice of pie to his wife.

(Sure, Dale, I believe you . . .)

Liam Flynn (Ireland) and Richard Raffan (Australia)

L to R:

Stuart King (UK) and Joe O'Neill (Ireland)

The next few pictures are of me with some other famous turners:

My good friend, Bonnie Klein.

Art Liestman is much too heavy for me to lift.

Ray Key and me.

with Stuart King

Liam Flynn

and Malcolm Tibbetts. Finally, someone who's taller than me.

ok, Benôit Averly is also taller than me.

Art Liestman and I wanted a picture with Richard Raffan. Richard thought it would be cute for us to be falling at the time.

Dig those Raffan socks! Richard collects loud and interesting socks to wear.

In 2004 I promised Joe O'Neill that I would bring my fiddle to the 2005 symposium and play him some traditional Irish tunes. So, before the evening ended, I took Joe with me to the living room and played some seisun tunes.

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