Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The pre-events at the AAW symposium

No pictures as of yet, but I'll try to post some tomorrow. I took a few pics at the opening of the "Step up to the Plate" exhibit, but haven't processed them as of yet and it's late right now in Louisville.

Wow - what a chaotic first day! I arrived in Louisville about 1:45 pm. Central Ohio Woodturners was scheduled to do the "Learn to Turn" session from 3 - 5 pm. I had the lathes with me, so I had to find a place to unload them. I finally found the loading dock and my clubmates arrived to help sort out the details of moving them to where we were supposed to set up.

Then I made my way to the parking garage and then on to registration. After half an hour or more of waiting in line, I finally got up to the desk to get my room key. I made it to our demonstration area, which was in the lobby near the registration area, about 20 minutes prior to our start time. By that time the lathes were on the stands and it was just about organized. Walt, Craig, Jim and Barb had things under control.

I spent the next couple of hours throwing shavings or talking to people about woodturning. That was kind of fun, but a little different for the start of a symposium. We had a big crowd watching Jim Burrowes turn bowls from green wood. I have no idea who was watching me, but I was answering a lot of questions as I went. I just tried to not throw a piece off the lathe.

After that seesion I put two of my carved pieces into the instant gallery and then had dinner with a group of friends at a private banquet organized by Cutting Edge Technology. Paulo Marin invited a lot of the professional turners to come hear about what his company is introducing in the way of new tools at this symposium. I'll have a chance to play with their new gear during the symposium - I'll spend at least one session demonstrating on the trade show floor at their booth.

Next it was a mad dash to see the opening of the "Step up to the Plate" exhibit at the Louisville Slugger Factory Museum, and then the 20 year review at the Kentucky Art Museum. I didn't get to see all of that exhibit, so I'll have to go back at lunchtime tomorrow. I did, however, find Steve Loar who has brought two of my pieces back from the "Our Turn Now - Artists Speak Out in Wood" exhibit that just closed at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Art Museum. I'll put both of those pieces in the instant gallery, too.

Attendance is at this 20th anniversary symposium is a record high, so it will be interesting (or challenging) trying to find a seat in some of the rooms. I have some "must see" rotations on my list. I'll post reports on those in the next several days. . .

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Dennis Laidler said...

Eish, lucky you, enjoy your weekend, I'm sitting at Joburg airport waiting for a flight home. I hope to join Gigi and a couple of friends at the pub for a nice beer when I get to CT about 3 hrs from now. Hope they have nice fire going at the pub, it's evidently cold and wet down there. Cheers and enjoy yourself.