Thursday, June 15, 2006

Utah Woodturning Symposium 2006 - Part I

Yesterday was a pretty full day for me. I got up early to get to the airport and catch a direct flight to Salt Lake City. It's always a good omen when you get bumped up to first class at the gate, so I had a pleasant flight from Columbus to SLC.

J. Paul Fennell and Don MacDougal arrived to SLC about the same time I did. They were flying in from Phoenix. Don rented a car and I caught a ride with them down to Provo. It was raining when we went out to get the car and pouring by the time we headed south on the freeway. I was a bit worried about that since I hadn't brought any rain gear. Not to worry, though, the weather cleared well before we arrived in Provo.

We started the woodturning gala at the Super Wednesday sale at Craft Supplies. I bought three Escoulen eccentric chucks for a class our club is having with Jean Francois in July. It was good to have the bulk order discount. . .

Check in at the hotel was next on the agenda and then off to BYU for registration and dropping off our instant gallery pieces. Dave and Phyllis from the local club have been organizing the instant gallery for the past several years I've attended. They're very nice and very helpful. I was really worried about my "Quercus rubra" piece's placement, but they organized a good spot for it and I shouldn't have to worry about camera straps or bags swinging around to knock it off. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Next on the traditional agenda is the woodturners reunion at Mike and Jen Mahoney's place. All the demonstrators for the current year plus previous years' demonstrators and Mike's friends from the San Diego woodturners show up. It's like a reunion for oldtime demonstrators.

Here are some pics from yesterday:

Here are three stunning pieces by J. Paul Fennell.

Here are my pieces.

Fred and Mildred Holder.

Stephen Hatcher and Jim Christiansen.

Art (?) and Nan Bushley.

Soren Berger and J. Paul Fennell.

Bonnie Klein and Gorst duPleissis.

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