Saturday, June 24, 2006

Stay tuned for AAW pics

Wow - I've been sooooooo busy that I've not had time to blog during the AAW symposium. I've taken dozens of pictures and will post those when I'm able. In the meantime you can see a picture of me at the lathe from the "learn to turn" session on Wednesday at:

I'm the one in the red turning smock (the one the Proserpine group gave me in Australia last fall).

One highlight to post before I'm off to sessions this morning --

The AAW auction raised around $85,000 last night with the collaborative piece by Bonnie Klein and Jacques Vesery raising $11,000. I'm sure AAW will be posting pictures of that piece before too long, and it's sure to be in the next issue of the journal.

I'll catch up tomorrow evening, I hope, so check the blog early next week.

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