Sunday, April 02, 2006

A very frustrating weekend

This has to have been one of the most frustrating and unfruitful weekends I have ever spent. Yesterday I worked all day on my woodturning website, which was very frustrating in trying to learn some new html code. Steve was very nice and worked on a php database so that I could automate my calendar. That was ok, but it was frustrating for me to use my software and to try to implement the database calls. We did finally figure it out, but I spent the whole day doing just that. I did manage to work on updating other areas as well, but ran out of time.

This morning I went back to it, but left my computer while the upload to my web server was going on. When I came back to my computer everything was frozen and the whole system crashed. I wasn't able to repair the disk after using disk utility and Disk Warrior, nor could I reload the operating system - the usual fix for Macs. I also couldn't access the Unix dialogue during the startup sequence - so no out around the startup failure. I finally ended up taking the computer up to Microcenter in the hopes they can repair it. I really need my data off the hard drive. My photos are backed up, but not my files for work nor my inventory and expense sheets. Bummer!

I bought a new laptop after Steve suggested that as a quick fix. (Expensive, but quick, and it doesn't solve the data loss issues). So now I'm waiting to see what the repair prospects are, and I'm waiting for my new web authoring software to arrive. I had purchased a copy by a download, and I didn't copy it to a CD. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

See what happens when I can't get into the shop? Bad things happen! I'll be glad when my face crater heals and I can get back to working in the shop.

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