Friday, March 31, 2006

A birthday in the house

Our Yorkshire Terrier, Darwin, turned 9 years old today. He's starting to show his age a bit with cataracts forming and his hearing going away. He gets a burst of youthful activity each day when our miniature dachshund, Emma, initiates a game of "tough dog." Here are some pictures of Darwin and Emma.

This used to be Darwin's favorite spot in the house (before Emma). Now, he seldom gets to sit here by himself because as soon as he does, Emma jumps up in my lap and picks on him until he goes over to the couch. Poor Darwin!

Darwin's looking for a treat here.

Emma meets her mom after a year's separation (August, 2005). Her mom, Tootsie, is a smooth coat chocolate and tan (on the left). Emma has a greenie in her mouth and we were watching Steve's community band play at the Park of Roses.

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