Thursday, March 29, 2007

A visit to the Honolulu Woodturners

The Honolulu Woodturners arranged for me to demonstrate at the University of Hawaii Windward Community College woodcarving studio.

Here's a look at some of the work done in this studio.

They brought in a lathe for me to use, which was a much better one than what was already there in the studio.

Here's what I thought I would be using - a jet minilathe with so much rust that I wouldn't need any iron supplements for the near future if I had actually used it for the day. Whew! That was an interesting prospect. . .

We had a good time together on Saturday, March 24th, but I don't have any pictures to share since I was the one doing the demonstrating. The Honolulu Woodturners posted some pics on their website if you'd like to see some from the demo.

After the demo and clean-up, I went to look at the woodlot. One of the student's projects is shaping up out there. Craig's standing there for a perspective on the size of the sculpture.

Sharon Doughtie giving Craig Mason "moose antlers" for a photo-op.

Doesn't Pat look like he's looking for a ski slope? Maybe he can use some of the lava flows for practice.

Craig and Teri Mason hosted a lovely dinner that evening. Here's a photo of Craig and the other Craig in the workshop. Sharon and Pat and Nashira joined us as well. It was a fun evening of excellent food and great company.

Craig's showing me the dust curtain that surrounds his lathe. He got this idea from the hints and tips section of American Woodturner.

Here's the latest project- a hollow form from a log section that was rotted out in the middle.

Craig stores his roughouts and miscellaneous wood up above the windows. That's an efficient use of shop space. I wish I had tall walls in my shop - that would solve some of my storage issues.

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