Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hands-on class with the Honolulu Woodturners

Hurray - I'm finally catching up on the O'ahu leg of this trip. I had a really good time with the class on Sunday, March 25.

Here's our work table for the pyrography part of the day.

The class is hard at work finishing their project boards.

Meanwhile, I've set up the coloring station and am preparing to demonstrate the different techniques we'll use.

Hmmmm, one of us didn't listen very well. Poor Gordon - he put the black gesso on the wrong side of the project. I jumped in and wiped off as much as I could and then put it into a black wash across the design. "Let's see what happens - it will all turn out right in the end, I think."

"Gordon, STOP!"

"Ok, ok. . . sorry. . . ."

The class will know what this means ;-)

This is a study in concentration.

I told you it would all turn out alright. The black wash gave a nice effect to the transparent coloring exercise.

What a fun day we had. Thanks to all for a good class. L to R: Roy, Craig, Andy, Sandy, Ken, and Gordon. Joan was there in the morning, but had to go off to work during the afternoon session.

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