Monday, March 19, 2007

A rainy afternoon at Hoover Reservoir

Steve and I went back to Hoover Reservoir again while Meghan was the CSYO Jr Strings rehearsal. It was a very rainy afternoon and not so good for doing bird photos. However, the weather didn't seem to bother the birds too much. We saw hundreds of ducks including Hooded Mergansers, Redbreasted Mergansers, Common Mergansers (a new species for us), Lesser Scaup, Buffleheads, and Mallards. We also saw about dozen American Coot. This was a typical view - diving underwater.

This was another typical view - swimming away from us.

This one didn't seem to mind us too much.

At the same spot we scared a nutria into the water. I couldn't get a good photo of it in the low light level, but I enjoyed watching it swim across the cove.

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