Saturday, March 18, 2006

Saturday morning routine

When I'm home on the weekends I have a set morning routine. I usually get up before anyone else in the house, make my coffee, get the paper off the front porch, and then sit in my comfy chair (aka as "my studio") to drink my coffee and read the paper. If I'm lucky, the dogs won't come downstairs with me, too, and I can read my paper in peace. However, most of the time Emma insists on coming downstairs with me, which makes reading the paper nearly impossible. She sits in my lap and, every few minutes, decides that she has to crawl under the paper to see my face and then decides that my face needs a good cleaning. Ears are fair game, too.

Those of you who are reading this who aren't dog lovers have no concept of what I'm talking about here, but this ritual seems to be more important to the dog than to me. I could very well get along in life without a dog tongue making contact with my face, but I think this little dachshund would sooner die than not be able to kiss "Mom."

Here's Emma when she's pretending that she's perfectly comfortable and will soon fall asleep in my lap.

Ooops, Mom's face hasn't been cleaned for about 30 seconds. Time to get to work. . .


Anonymous said...

Mom!!! Are you bragging about Emma again?

Anonymous said...

Andi, I can absolutely relate to your story. I, too, am an early riser, because it's peaceful.

But my two dogs (Eddie and Max, a German Shorthair and English Pointer, respectively), wake when I do, get up when I do, and follow everything I do. I don't mind as I enjoy every minute of their attention and devotion.

Side note, I've followed the thread on WoW; hope things are getting better.

Andi Wolfe said...

Donna - my surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday. I'll post updates to WoW and to this site. Thanks for your note.