Friday, March 24, 2006

More plants in Theresa's garden

I had a few minutes in the front garden while waiting for my ride to the Thursday hands on class I taught. The morning light was nice, so I snapped some pictures from the garden while I waited.

Close-up of Osteospurmum flower.

Theresa has a pot of geraniums growin on the front porch.

The foliage of this geranium is variegated. I think it's very interesting.

Streilitzia (bird of paradise) foliage.

Close-up of one of the cycad leaves (known around here as sago palm). I've never understood how common names of plants came to be so misleading. This is called a palm, but it's in an ancient gymnosperm group called the cycads. It produces a long wooden cone during its reproductive stage, which looks entirely different than the fruits of any palm, and yet people call it a palm. Ok, so the leaves look similar in a superficial way, but they are so entirely different from palms that it just makes me wonder about the common name.

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