Monday, March 06, 2006

New project, part VII

Dust mask? check
Safety glasses? check
Ear plugs? check
Occulars? check
I know - it looks pretty dorky, but I try to do the right thing in the shop when I generate wood dust. I'm using my Foredom micromotor carver to do the detail work on the leaf surface.

This is what a surface looks like after the roughout has been done with the powercrafter. The last step with the powercrafter is to use the diamond burr, which smooths out the rough surface and glazes it so I can see all the contours. I've already done some of the smoothing with a finishing cut.

The smoothing is done with a tungsten coated carbide burr in my micromotor tool. Oh, yeah - the bandaid on my thumb? That's where I pierced through my thumbnail and caused an interesting blood fountain to decorate my carving bench. What a klutz! Ouch!

In this view you can see six leaf surfaces finished and the seventh underway. I spend a lot of time refining the shape of the leaf veins using the micromotor tool.

Steve took a photo of the rest of my shop while he was taking pics of me working. It's not the cleanest it's been, but it's not totally trashed right now, either.

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