Saturday, November 25, 2006

Last South Africa 2006 post

I can't believe how long it has taken me to finish the posting of my field season pics. I guess it's an indicator of how busy my life is at home. At any rate, here are a few miscellaneous pictures from my last few days at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. I'm also including an index at the end of this post to all my blog entries from my 2006 field season, as well as a few key ones from Dennis Laidler's blog.

This is the view of Table Mountain I had from my guest house at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. You can see Skeleton Gorge and the afromontane forest that follows the kloof up to the top of the gorge. I look forward to my next visit and walk up to the contour path.

The front side of Pearson House, one of the administrative offices for the South African National Biodiversity Institute. I spent a lot of time here using the wifi connect to do email and blog postings.

Gigi Laidler at work. Gigi is the PA for Brian Huntley, a director for SANBI. Gigi is amazing to watch when she's multi-tasking at work. She is able to make things happen!

Index to 2006 South Africa Field Season:

09 Oct 2006: Off to South Africa
11 Oct 2006: Andi arrived in Cape Town last night (Dennis Laidler's post)
11 Oct 2006: Andi's birthday supper in Cape Town
12 Oct 2006: South Africa Part I (how I spent my birthday)
12 Oct 2006: Penguins and tidepools
13 Oct 2006: Spotted at Kirstenbosch today
14 Oct 2006: An interesting tree walk with the Western Cape Woodturners
14 Oct 2006: Tree walk at Kirstenbosch (Dennis Laidler's post)
15 Oct 2006: First weekend in Cape Town
15 Oct 2006: Andi and I in the workshop on Sunday (Dennis Laidler's post)
16 Oct 2006: Dassieklip - another cool spot on the contour path
17 Oct 2006: Working at Koeberg Private Nature Reserve
17 Oct 2006: A visit to Rondeberg Private Nature Reserve
18 Oct 2006: Citrusdal to Ceres collecting trip
18 Oct 2006: Western Cape Woodturners Association meeting (Dennis Laidler's post)
20 Oct 2006: Another day in the field (playing in the dirt)
21 Oct 2006: More interactions with the Western Cape Woodturners Association
21 Oct 2006: Kirstenbosch walk with Andi and Esprit (Dennis Laidler's post)
22 Oct 2006: Table Mountain - one of my favorite spots in the world
22 Oct 2006: Table Mountain (Dennis Laidler's post, including aerial photos)
23 Oct 2006: Miscellaneous pics from Kirstenbosch and tortoise true love
23 Oct 2006: Kirstenbosch and contour path
24 Oct 2006: Beautiful Pelargoniums
25 Oct 2006: A visit to Grootbos Private Nature Reserve
26 Oct 2006: Collecting Hyobanche atropurpurea at Boskloof
28-29 Oct 2006: Backpacking in the Hex River Mountains (another Hyobanche hunt)
28-29 Oct 2006: Milner Ridge Peak (Dennis Laidler's post of this wonderful weekend)
30 Oct 2006: Still more than a week behind, but here are some pics
30 Oct 2006: A visit to University of Cape Town
31 Oct 2006: My college roommate lives in South Africa
1 Nov 2006: Leaving for home tomorrow

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